Full-Stack Development at CCL


WebGL, React, MongoDB


Sep 2021 — May 2022


Undergrad Developer Researcher


I had the pleasure of working as a full-stack developer for over a year at Computational Creativity Lab under Professor Kyuha Shim and along with a group of talented designers. Together we created experimental digital experiences that stem from an understanding of code as a creative medium for designing systems. Projects are in the process of being released, but here I have some selected screenshots.


In Collaboration With US Census Bureau

We sought new ways to present Census data on an urgent, but often unseen, issue in the United States: food insecurity. While Census data undoubtedly proves the scope and characteristics of hunger in the United States, it can obscure the lived experience for each one of the 49 million households that are food insecure. Our project aims to surface these stories, combining a data-driven national level picture of food security with the first person accounts of hunger from everyday Americans. By combining the power of storytelling and data, we aim to create a participatory platform where users can submit their own stories, reflections, and reactions on the issue of food insecurity, continuously enriching the content and surfacing new stories.

(Description from CCL Website.)

Open-source fonts are ubiquitous throughout the Web, and yet we understand very little about the implicit connotations and underlying perceptions that users have of them. Nor do we understand how these preferences vary across cultural barriers. What's Your Type seeks to understand these font connotations and perceptions through a web-based survey. The survey asks users to pick the font that best matches an emotive adjective—including “playful,” “informative,” and “trendy.” By gathering user responses, What's Your Type crowdsources a database of font preferences, searchable by language and location of the respondent.

(Description from CCL Website.)