Hello there :)

I am Mia — a MS CS student at Stanford University, and a Research Engineer Intern at Adobe. I am passionate about developing innovative creative tools for artists and designers, using graphics, HCI, and machine learning.

During my time at Carnegie Mellon University, where I received my BCSA — Bachelors of Computer Science and Arts, I had the privilege of conducting research on (1) generative systems under the guidance of Professor Jun-Yan Zhu, and (2) computational design under the guidance of Professor Kyuha Shim.

Teaching is a passion of mine. At CMU, I helped students learn about computer graphics and functional programming. I believe in the power of visual storytelling as a vessel for knowledge sharing. In my free time, I experiment as a comic artist, curating accessible educational illustrations on technical topics. I have had the honor to co-teach a course on Generative Machine Learning at SIGGRAPH 2023, incorporating visual narratives in the teaching material.

If you'd like to chat about design, generative systems, or education, feel free to reach me at miatang13 [at] gmail.

News & Future

  • 2023


    Start master's in CS at Stanford


    Joined Adobe Research (RED Lab) as a Research Engineer Intern


    Graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a degree in CS and Design


    Self-published my first-ever comic book

  • 2022


    Joined Prof. Jun-Yan Zhu's lab as an undergraduate researcher


    Joined Cesium as a Software Engineering Intern


    Started to TA 15-462/662 Computer Graphics

  • 2021


    Joined Prof. Kyuha Shim's lab as an undergraduate researcher


    Joined Jam3 as a Developer Intern


    Joined Penrose as a undergraduate researcher

  • 2020


    Started to TA 15-150 Functional Programming

Engineering Internships

Design Projects