I am Mia Tang, a student at Carnegie Mellon University's BXA program, majoring in Computer Science and Design. My Design concentration is in Communications Design.

Solving a problem I couldn't solve yesterday gives me the greatest joy. I'm an avid learner and seek to understand the world through various perspectives. The two schools of thought I follow closely are Stoicism and Kaizen.

Professionally speaking, I enjoy software development and wish to work with graphics systems. I cherish the typography, color, and motion of designed artifacts. Growing up, I only dreamt of becoming an artist or a designer, but that took a turn when I was introduced to programming at CMU. Even though now I wish to work as an engineer, I still very much adore and love to be part of the creative community. Therefore, I treasure professional environments where I get to collaborate with creatives as a developer or work on projects building tools for artists and designers.

In my free time, I like to experiment with my interest in storytelling. In particular, I strive to find ways to explain complex technical concepts. It all started in my sophomore year when I was a teaching assistant for a Functional Programming class. It is an introductory class with students from different majors, and naturally, there are students with a weaker background in logical thinking and programming. To help my students, I spent time thinking about how to explain complicated topics in an accessible and engaging manner. I strongly believe in that the process of acquiring new knowledge is one of the most exhilarating and gratifying experiences that everyone deserves to have. More importantly, the repeated victories of conquering new intellectual challenges help us become more confident and resilient.

Some fun facts: (1) My favorite artistic medium is oil on canvas.

(2) I have two adorable corgis, Mango and Leeze. They live in the beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with my lovely family.

That's about it for now. I'm always looking for fun opportunities, so feel free to contact me. The best way to reach me is at my email: miatang13[at]gmail[dot]com

Thanks for visiting. :-)