I am Mia Tang, an MS CS student at Stanford. During undergrad, I studied Computer Science and Design within Carnegie Mellon University's BXA program.

Finding solutions to challenging problems brings me immense joy. I have a deep curiosity and strive to gain a diverse range of perspectives.

Professionally, I have a strong passion for software development and a keen interest in working with graphics systems. I appreciate the intricacies of typography, color, and motion in design. Although my childhood dreams revolved around becoming an artist or designer, my introduction to programming at CMU changed my path. While I now pursue a career as an engineer, I still hold a deep admiration for the creative community. I value collaborative environments where I can work alongside artists and designers, building tools to support their craft.

In my free time, I explore my passion for storytelling. I am particularly motivated to find ways to explain complex technical concepts in accessible and engaging ways. This interest sparked during my sophomore year when I served as a teaching assistant for an introductory Functional Programming class. Many students came from diverse academic backgrounds, and I dedicated time to finding effective ways to explain intricate topics in a manner that resonated with them. I firmly believe that the process of acquiring new knowledge is exhilarating and rewarding, and I am committed to helping others experience that same joy. Additionally, overcoming intellectual challenges fosters confidence and resilience, shaping us into stronger individuals.

Some fun facts: (1) My favorite artistic medium is oil on canvas.

(2) I have two adorable corgis, Mango and Leeze. They live in the beautiful British Columbia, Canada, with my lovely family.

That's about it for now. I'm always looking for fun opportunities, so feel free to contact me. The best way to reach me is: miatang13 [at] gmail.

Thanks for visiting. :-)